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Camel's Hump Farm Summer Camp 2023
Learning the Lenape Way

        Registration is now open!


Last year's camp was so fun we are doing it again!

We have the extraordinary opportunity to work with a Lenape Educator to step back in time and experience the farm the way the Lenape did. Storytelling will help to guide the Campers through lessons on Lenape culture.  Campers will learn firsthand to make games, track, hunt, fish, farm, forage, cook, build a wigwam, create stories and make art and music while respecting the Lenape culture and customs. We will complete the summer with a family campout with storytelling by our Lenape Educator and a campers' exhibition of the skills that they have learned.

This summer we are offering 10 weeks of programming b June 12- August 18, for children entering 1st grade through age 14.


Enrollment is very limited. We only accept 32 children each session in order to maintain our staff to camper ratio of 1:4. Register today to secure your child's spot! 

Hours and Tuition 

Tuition  for five day Sessions                   $325/child

Tuition for July 5th - 7th  Session            $195/child

Tuition Special Needs 8:30- 12:00pm     $225/child

Extended Care available for                    $40/week/child

                               8:00am- 9:00am

                               3:00pm- 5:00pm

Full payment is due 2 weeks before the camp session starts. Please review the Summer Camp Handbook for our refund policy.

Do not let financial difficulties stop you from applying-  Dale's Summer Camp Scholarship has been established to help out! 

Camp Session Descriptions

 Week 1- Discover the Farm the Lenape Way | June 12-16 This is a fun week of exploring, climbing and playing as we learn about the Lenape people and Camel's Hump Farm. Learn to identify wilderness risks and find safe ways around the forest and water. Learn how to do basic first aid.

Week 2- Wilderness Structure Building | June 19 – June 23 Learn how to build wilderness shelters as we build a Lenape settlement.

Week 3- Finding Food | June 26 – June 30. This week we learn how the Lenape gathered and grew food. We will make tools. Learn to plant, forage, track and make a bow for archery.

Week 4- Lenape Handcrafts | July 5 – July 7 Campers will create art and instruments from things they find in nature. Campers will make dyes, brushes and musical instruments from plants and create a mural based on a Lenape legend.

Week 5- Wonderful Water | July 10 – July 14 We’ll design ways to catch and save rainwater the way the Lenape did. We will explore the microscopic world of ponds and creeks. Be prepared for playing in the water!

Week 6- Let’s go Fishing | July 17 – July 21 Learn about the creek and fish the Lenape way!

Week 7- Birds, Bees and Butterflies | July 24 – 28 Meet our Bird Bander and Bee Keeper. Hold a living bird in your hand as you learn to identify birds, bees and butterflies by sight, sound and behavior. Build feeders for the fall..

Week 8- The Art of Storytelling | July 31 – August 4 Explore the Lenape legends and create new ones from our adventures that we take this week. The campers will hold a traditional circle at the end of the week to share their stories.

Week 9- The Art of Tracking| Aug 7– 11  Study the animals of the estate- Learn to recognize and read their behavior, while developing a close relationship to the natural world. Make a sit spot, draw and take nature notes.

Week 10- Lenape Way Campout | Aug 14 – 18 Celebrate the end of summer with a special evening led by our Lenape Educator as Campers use the knowledge and skills that they have learned to create an authentic Lenape meal, play Lenape games and show the other practical and wilderness skills they learned this summer. Families are welcome to camp overnight!

How to Register for Camp on Team App Store

Step 1. Press Camp Registration- Team App Store Button below.
Step 2. Go to Calendar in navigation bar
Step 3. Press Camp Registration and follow directions in description.
           You must complete:
                A) Camper Registration Form. You only need to register your
                        family once! A $60 Registration fee is required for each
                        family attending Summer Camp. Each child attending camp   
                        will receive one free camp T-shirt!
                        This registration fee is non‐refundable.
               B) Go to files-
                    a. Print out, complete and return Camper Health Form by June 1st
                        Please contact Camp Director, Victoria Bastidas (victoria
                        bastidas01@gmail, 484-241-6117) If your child has any 
                        significant health issues or special needs so that we can best
                        prepare for your child's 6/1
                    b. Read CHF Summer Camp Handbook
                    c. Print out, complete and return Camper Food Allergy and
                             Anaphylaxis form if necessary by 6/1
Step 4. Go to Calendar - Purchase Weekly Camp Session Tickets and extended care if needed for each child you wish to attend. Payment can be made by creditor debit card through Team App store. Please note we must receive all registration, health forms and payment in full prior to child/children's admission to camp.
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