Camel's Hump Farm Summer Camps 2021

Covid-19 Summer Camp changes 

Looking forward to summer! We know that the best place for children and adults alike is outside in the fresh air and sunshine so we are holding summer camp at the farm!

In an effort to protect our campers and have the best, safest summer possible we are limiting our class sizes to 10 children. Siblings and children who have sheltered together will be placed in the same group. 

In an effort to keep all of our campers safe, we will be observing CDC, PA and Northampton County -Guidelines.

-Any child showing any symptoms of illness must not come to camp.

-Campers must bring a mask.


Discover amazing critters and natural treasures at Camel’s Hump Farm Nature Summer Camps. Learn about the wonders of the 135-acre Johnston Estate by exploring its nine ecosystems.


Children will spend the day in hands-on activities, art projects, close encounters with live animals, stories, games, nature treks through the fields and forests, picnics by the creek, making storybooks about their journeys, and working on projects.


Theme weeks tailored for children 3-10 years,
older campers 10-12 will learn practical life skills in a natural environment.

Camp Catchup

We are acutely aware that our students have had a very rough go with education this year so we are offering Camp Catchup this summer for school aged children in an effort to catch them up academically and prepare them for the school year.  We will be incorporating mathematics and language arts with tutors into our full day programming in addition to our normal nature based education programming. 

Camp Dates and Tuition

​​Summer Camps Schedule:

We will be offering one-week sessions through the summer Starting June 14, 2021. In an effort to protect our campers we will be offering only small group camps of 10 children. We will place children from the same family or who have sheltered together preference for placement. 



Full Day Camp: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM ($250 per week) 


Half Day Camp: 9 AM - 12 PM ($150 per week)


Sibling Discount: 5%


Multiple week discount: 2+ weeks 5%


Extended Care available upon request $25/week

 *Space is very limited- Secure your spot today! 5% off Early Bird Registration before April 1, 2021*



Summer Camp Interest Form

Please complete the form below if you are interested in having your child(ren) attend summer camp at the Farm in 2021. Once we receive the form, we will be in contact with you to confirm your needs and schedule the camp.

Explore the Estate| June 14-18

Learn about all the wonders of the Johnston Estate as we explore the 9 ecosystems. We will hike through the fields and forests, and slosh through the wetlands and creek. We will create trails, make maps, and learn about the different features of each ecosystem and then design a beautiful mural that includes pictures of the things the students discovered on their walkabout.

Risky Business| June 21 – June 25

It's a fun week of exploring, climbing and playing as we learn how to identify wilderness risks and find safe ways around the forest and water. Learn how to use found things to test water depth and speed, make rope, build bridges and boardwalks and basic first aid.

Founding Farmers  & Underground Wonders| June 28- July 2

From Native Americans through colonial settlers, farming has shaped our region for centuries. Travel back in time this week as we learn about traditional farming techniques, food, crafts, and customs. Dig down underground to learn about plant root systems, soils, and the incredible creatures that live in this soil world. We will plant, dig, do experiments to learn how plants work, and get to know some of the creepy crawlers that keep our soil healthy. Make a vermiculture, plant a garden in a bucket and learn about the bog.

Explore Art in Nature| July 5- July 9  

Have you ever really listened to the songs of the birds or seen the  patterns in the leaves and waves? Campers will create art and instruments from things they find in nature. They will make art from the clay they dig, paints and brushes from plants and musical instruments.

Wonderful Watersheds | July 12– July 16

How much water does it take to make the food we eat? Explore the importance of water for the farm and for nature as we explore and learn about the water cycle in our forests, bog and on our farm. We'll design ways to catch and save rainwater and explore the microscopic world of ponds and creeks. Be prepared for playing in the water!

Engineering and Building | July 19- July 23

Do you know what engineers and builders do? Meet our engineers, help design and build fun and functional projects.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies | July 26- 30

Meet our Bird Bander and Bee Keeper. Hold a living bird in your hand as you learn to identify birds, bees and butterflies by sight, sound and behavior. Build feeders.

Handcrafts & Homesteading | Aug 2-6

Dive into traditional farm life with crafts, projects, and games galore. We will use old-fashioned techniques to make rope, and more. Dye t-shirts using natural plants for a special project. Explore the farm as we imagine what life was like here many years ago!

Things that Fly | Aug 9-13  

Study the amazing world of things that fly from dragonflies to hawks! Design your own flying machine, build kites, nests and bird feeders for the fall.

Hot Summer Daze | Aug 16- 20

Celebrate the end of summer on the farm using the knowledge and skills that you have learned- harvesting and creating great meals from the garden, cooking with solar power, and learning about the constellations while camping overnight! Families are welcome!

Let’s Go Fishing | Aug 23-27

Meet a fly fisherman, learn about things that live in the water a the food web, how to tie a fly and try to catch (and release) all sorts of creatures that live in the stream.

Goodbye to Summer- Aug 30-Sept 3

Make the best of the end of summer- doing what you loved best- splashing in the pond, taking hikes and playing with the animals until school starts!