Our Philosophy

Camel's Hump Farm Nature Center's Mission

Our Mission is to provide the highest level of quality early childhood care possible to children of all learning abilities emphasizing the importance of creativity, investigation and learning through hands-on experience.


Camel's Hump Farm Nature Center opens directly onto our 135-acre nature preserve, giving children a unique opportunity to explore and learn about their relationship to the natural world in a risk-managed environment.


Discovery-Adventure-Creativity-Problem Solving

  • learn through play

  • have wonder-filled experiences in nature

  • social development

  • individual attention


Why nature-based education?

Research has shown that exploring the natural world develops children's observation, concentration, creativity and problem solving skills. Our programs, designed in collaboration with Audubon, encourage natural curiosity as a springboard for learning and appreciation of the world around us.


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Research has shown that nature-based education:

Reduces Stress

Supports Creativity & Problem Solving

Improves Academic Performance

Enhances Cognitive Abilities

Improves Social Relations

Increases Physical Activity

Camel's Hump Farm Nature Center

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